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Rediscover the Godliness with yourself and find happiness

We are not a church in the traditional sense. Our beliefs which are most certainly of the spiritual and rather esoteric kind is broad that in will not fit under the rules of one church. You could say that our core beliefs is an amalgam of all the religious beliefs and traditions. Because we believe that spiritual power comes from within oursleves, not from old books. Sure there’s lots of good things in the bible and the Torah but and we incorporate the in our system of belief. But there are also so great things to be learned from the Koran and virtually every religious book or tradition know to man. They all contain the word of God and it would be stupid to say that one branch of faith is better than the other one. The reason is that the word of God is actually the word man. We, the people wrote the books, they do not contain wisdom from above. It comes from us, we created God and therefore we are God. The unhappiness, despair and all the conflicts among people that we see today has come to be becasue we have forgotten this simple truth. We have lost the connection to our inner spirit, to God. We here at Reformed Churches have made it ouir mission to reinstate this connection and help people to communicate with their inner being, the God that exists in all of us.